Welcome to A.K. Pets – The link between the pet supply industry and European retail chains

Looking for pet supplies? Or want to market your pet supply product in Europe? A.K. for Pets is the go-to party for retail chains, leading pet shops, garden centers and wholesale distributors in Europe in need of the latest in pet supplies. Providing the vital link between industry and retail.

With more than 30 years of experience in the pet supply industry, A.K. for pets stands for quality, innovation and continuity. The company imports a wide variety in pet supplies for dogs, cats, rodents and birds. And is specialized in wooden pet housing and cat scratchers.

From the latest in pet supplies to in-house brand development

Whether you are looking for innovative pet supplies, need a partner that knows the demands in the European pet supply retail business and can quickly respond to them, need of a brand representative in The Netherlands or Europe or want to develop your own exclusive in-house brand, A.K. for Pets knows the way.

Working independently from intermediary parties makes A.K. for Pets flexible and quick to respond to changing customer demands. And thus the go-to party.