4Pets PRO Series dog boxes – the only TÜV awarded design in Europe!

A.K. for Pets is the exclusive dealer of 4Pets PRO Series for The Netherlands. The only dog boxes with the renowned TÜV certificate in Europe!.

Tüv tested and approved

The 4Pets PRO Series consists of sturdy, high-quality metal car transit boxes for dogs. This Swiss engineered product doesn’t only have a beautiful and functional design but also meets the highest safety and security regulations.

Having the safety of dogs as their number one priority, 4Pets only brings a product to the market when it is thoroughly tested and approved by the renowned German product inspection agency TÜV Süd. In accordance to the ECE-R17 test standard. Guaranteeing the most safe and secure dog box.

Extensive benefits

Besides having the best tested and most safe dog box there is in Europe, the benefits of a 4Pets PRO Series dog box are:

  • Maintenance free: no oiling or lubricating needed because door hinges are made of a self-lubricating plastic-graphite alloy. Making the crate easy to use, even daily.
  • High-end materials: Specially developed aluminum bars make the
    boxes highly stable. Being anodized the bars won’t rust. All plastic connectors are fiberglass-reinforced making them extremely rugged. The Swiss high-end precision engineering prevents crates from rattling or making any other kind of disturbing noise while traveling by car.
  • Easy closing door: The door of the box can be operated with one hand. An ingenious twist-lock immediately snaps into place, closing the box securely. Its long locking bar provides additional stability and torsion resistance.


Just this Spring 2018 the 4Pets PRO Series box for dogs with a maximum weight of 55 kg, had an outstanding review in the magazine of the The Royal Dutch Touring Club. With a more than positive outcome on the performed crash test.

High in demand by professionals worldwide

It is not without reason the Swiss’ 4Pets PRO Series dog boxes are in high demand by professionals and enthusiasts in dog sports, dog training- and dressage schools and police schools worldwide!


Want to have the 4Pets PRO Series and accessories available for your clients? Give us a call or send an email requesting more information on how to. A.K. for Pets delivers all Pro line box including free strapfix© ties and an anti-slip mat