Original Strong – High-quality bird and parrot cages

A big bird needs a high-quality cage. That not only looks beautiful but also provides a safe and secured environment for the bird. That’s why A.K. for Pets is a dealer of Original Strong. The brand for high-quality parrot cages and playgrounds.

Non-toxic coating

Original Strong offers a wide variety in sustainable designer parakeet and parrot (transit) cages and parrot playgrounds. Besides beautiful, the products offer a functional and safe environment for birds.

Original Strong cages have an extremely hard but non-toxic coating, making the cage not only sustainable but also providing a safe environment for the bird and its strong beak. All screws and bolts are safely integrated in the design. (Re)movable items like the bottom grid and feeders are extra protected

The benefits of Original Strong cages

  • Beautiful and sustainable design
  • Extremely strong and non-toxic coating
  • Best price-quality ratio in The Netherlands and Belgium
  • Extra protection of the removable bottom grid
  • Stainless steel feeding bowl rotatable outwards
  • Extra protection of feeders, making them not removable by parrot
  • Firm swivel castors with screw thread for extra stability
  • High quality standards

Parrots are strong, smart birds. That’s why they are in need of a strong and secure cage. That compliments its beautiful inhabitants. Original Strong provides just that.


Interested in the Original Strong cages and/or playgrounds? Let A.K. for Pets know how to help you find and get the Original Strong product your clients want. Give us a call!

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