Any service needed to grow your business

A.K. for Pets’ over 30 years of experience in the pet supply industry gives them the knowledge to offer clients a wide range of additional services to grow their business.

Consultancy services

The company can easily adapt to market developments and ever changing consumer demands, as it is a renowned partner to the international pet supply industry as well as the retail chains. A.K. for Pets is therefore the ideal partner to go to for advice. Whether you want to set up your own supply chain or need a partner to develop your own brand.

Our knowledge

Besides being a leading company in the export and import of pet supplies; offering B2C solutions via their drop shipment program; help with product and brand development as well as brand representation; A.K. for Pets offers consultancy services to help clients up level their business regarding:

  • Info about and advise on the latest market developments.
  • Info about A.K. for Pets latest in-house developed products.
  • Container import.
  • Availability check and price setting for hard-to-get, high in-demand products.

Have a specific question? Can’t find what you are looking for? Need advice? Call A.K. for Pets to see what we can do to help you up level your business!