A.K. for Pets is one of the leading companies in the import and export of pet housing and pet supplies worldwide. The company imports from all over the world, to guarantee a broad range of products for dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

Supplier for leading retail businesses

A.K. for Pets delivers to retail chains, the bigger pet shops, garden centers and wholesale distributors for pet supplies all through Europe.


Whether you are looking for a specific A-list brand or a low-priced product for a quick action-sale, A.K. for Pets is the ideal partner. The company is always at the look out for innovative products and imports a wide range of pet supply products. It is also the exclusive dealer of several A-list brands, and specialized in non-labeled high-quality wooden rabbit and chicken housing and cat scratchers.


Quickest delivery guaranteed

The wide range of products of A.K. for Pets offers retailers a broad choice in innovative, quality pet supplies for their customers’ beloved pets. Delivered quickly because A.K. for Pets has its own warehouse where it keeps a permanent stock of continuous products, besides keeping an action-priced product stock at hand. This way it can help its clients answer to the constant changing but high demanding consumer market.


Guaranteed quality

A.K. for Pets stands for quality. That’s why the company visits every supplier before they include a new product in their product range. Ensuring their clients products are made from high-quality material and come from reliable sources.

From pallet-, mixed- and container shipments to even small orders, A.K. for Pets helps and delivers. Any special wishes or interested in your own private label? Contact us to talk about your possibilities.

All our products are manufactured with high quality materials and under strong supervision. We carefully selected our suppliers to make sure our clients are provided with products coming from reliable sources. Do you have special wishes or are you interested in a private label? Please contact us to find out more about the different possibilities.