Partner in exclusive brand- and product development

A.K. for Pets is renowned for its in-house high-quality product development. Helping its clients move to the next level by creating their own exclusive brand or product.

Looking to have your own exclusive brand? Develop a specific product your customers are looking for? A.K. for Pets is the go-to partner.

Specialized in wooden pet housing and cat scratchers, A.K. for Pets can develop or help you with the process of developing you own exclusive in-house brand or product. Or connect you to the right party to do so.

Team up and move upwards

Size doesn’t matter. A.K. for Pets can also help smaller companies with their own exclusive brand- or product development! By finding them a partner to team up with and thus move upwards.

Give us a call. Let A.K. for Pets now how to help your company move to the next level by developing your own exclusive brand or product.